Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Puppy Pug Party / Papercrafting!!

I am INALLY getting around to posting a few pictures. Here are the pictures from Kaye's birthday. I made the carrot cake and decorated it too. My cake decorating has gotten pretty bad becaue I never do it anymore! Anyways, it was my birthday the same day.Here is the cake before Kaye got to it!
Then Kaye saw it... Oh man was she excited! I just had to do the whole cake in her face picture thing. The is my baby ater all and it was her firt birthday!

Here is one of the baby girl and mommey together with our pretty cake. I'm surprised that I somehow managed to get this picture. It was just the two of us, so please understand that I was not only the subject of the pictures, but I was the photographer too.

She loved the cake. Don't worry, I just gave her a little bit, and she did not get sick from it.

And here she is with it all over her face! Cute.

Time or the presents! She got a pretty new sweater that is brown and pink. It has a picture of a bone on the back of it. And....a bone!! She was the happiest puppy ever! That sweater will keep her warm when we go up to Michigan in the snow for Christmas!

Happy Pug Puppy!!!

Now, for some papercrafting.I saw this Christmas gift bags at WalMart and instantly thought of what a cute mini album I could make with them. I cut the bottoms off and sowed the sides of each bag together to create one page. Then, I added the foam snowflakes to each page, bound them together, and completed the cover with glitter, thickers, and ribbons! I just love it! So cute for holding this years Christmas pictures!

A picture of the tiching and a couple snowflakes....

I used different sized bags...Just love that
I made some journals for the little sister. There are four of them and I took pictures with my phone, but not my camera before I tied them together in a cute little bundle. I'll have to post the individual ones later ater I get them off my ohone. They were so easy though. I cut paper down to 12X6 size and folded them together. Then I punched holes in each side and tied them together with bows for the bindings. I applied a little embellishment to each one. There is a heart or this one as you can see.
And here is the Christmas Tree. Its fake this year because I don't know where to get a real one around this little villiage, and its just me and the pugster, so I'm not sure I would have been able to get it stood up in a stand if it were real. I'm absolutely loving the silver and turquoise this year. so pretty. By the way, turquoise is the color for 2010, and happens to be my new (tied for first place with pink) favorite color!!

And finally, to leave off, a cute little battery toy. When you push the button it sings "We Wish You A Merry Christmas," and the little penguins ring their bells as the snowman sways. Too cute. Happy Holidays!! More to come soon.

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