Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jody's Rusy Pickle Winner!!

Thank you so so so much Jody! Jody was one of the members that helped put on the Rusty Pickle blog hop over the weekend. She had two awesome giveaways on her blog to celebrate holiday fun. She has been so generous in selecting me as the winner of the Rusty Pickle White Christmas Paper Packet! WooHoo!

Yesterday I got my package in the mail of the items that I bought using the gift certificate that I won from D-Lish Scraps! That was pretty exciting. I will be trying to post up some pictures before the end of the week if I can. I know I have been so bad about posting things up....
Ok, maybe tonight? I know that I have pictures to post of Kaye's first birthday, our Christmas tree, and fun in Texas with my boy! I promise I will try to find time to do all of those tonight if I can. This time of year has been quite hectic. Travels, present projects, birthdays....oh goodness... So I will try. I'm also about to post a fun little what I've been up to post inspired by Nancy. Look for it.

Dakota and I have been texting back and forth all morning. He is sitting through some very boring briefings (in Texas) to get out of the Army and I have absolutely nothing important going on at work. He is arriving here on Dec. 29th for our Christmas together and New Years! I can't wait, in case you couldn't guess that already. I asked him what he would like me to cook for our "Christmas" dinner. Turkey, smashed taters, gravy, and green beans! Oh dear! I told him I would cook whatever he wanted me to...this should be very interesting because I have never made a turkey before EVER! To be honest, I barely explore my kitchen except for the pathway between the freezer and the microwave! I can cook, I just really never do, and it is always a surprise what the food actually tastes like when I am finished. {side story....I once was making instant potatoes and read the directions wrong....instead of 1/8 teaspoon of salt, I added 8 teaspoons of salt!} Wish me luck...I don't want for my house to burn down!

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