Thursday, April 14, 2011

Record Player Wedding Invites and other things going on

An old friend posted this video on his face book, and I just had to watch it because of the title.  These are seriously so adorable.  If anyone out there is planning a wedding, you should look into this....well, if it fits your theme and personality and all that!  I want to use them, but I'm just not even sure if we will be getting married anytime soon.  There's no rush for us.  We are kind of just enjoying the whole living together and being students thing right now.

Paper Record Player from kellianderson on Vimeo.
In other news: my car exploded on me yesterday.  I am still not sure what is wrong with it, but the nice mechanic man with the little shop across the road from us took it to his mechanic friend (as he only does transmissions) and he thought it was my thermometer.  We will see soon though.  I'm assuming it must have been because I did tell him that if it was under one hundred bucks, he should just go ahead and repair it.  Since he did not call me, I am assuming that was the case and he is now fixing it.  Fingers crossed!  I can't really afford much worse right now because.....
We have been house hunting!!  We have found the perfect dream house for us with a reasonable price-tag.  It is 100 years old, but they just restored it.  All the original charm is still there but the plumbing and electricity work!  The one thing that we are having trouble with is getting the mortgage. Don't get me wrong, the credit score is fine and the income level is great for it, but there is a catch.  Since our 2/3 of our income comes from our veteran school scholarships that by the way are guaranteed income, and the other 1/3 comes from part time jobs, they will not consider any of it!  they only consider income from a full time job or from a part time job you have healed for 2 or more years.  Are you serious?   Do any of you know anything about that kind of stuff?  We just want a house that we can paint, and make our own, with a dishwasher and an upstairs.  This one that we love would even be way cheaper as far as paying the mortgage then it is for us to pay rent in the house we are in right now.
From what we are being told, we have to have a non-occupying cosigner that makes enough money to support themselves and to pay our mortgage (just in case we can't)!  So, that is where we are right now...trying to figure out if we are related to anyone that loves us enough to cosign for us!  My heart is breaking as I type.  I want this house more than anything.  It is so wonderful!

I sure wish a magic fairy would just come down and buy this house for us, or let us win the lotto that we never play, or magically change the rules so that our money could go to something that is actually ours!  Wish us luck!
Hope your weekends are super wonderful!

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