Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Working On] Thursday: Updated Cover

So right after I posted up pictures of my process book cover, I looked at it again and realized how unfinished it looked.  I decided to mess around with it some more and experiment a little bit with some other options.  Here it is now:
One thing that we are supposed to include are layouts inspired by the different decades in design.  This was really hard for me to wrap my mind around as I already had a really great layout developed.  All of my pages are laid out in the same way and are very organized.  I found it difficult to change that up too much, so I instead decided to include a section in the book called "What If..."  What if is a question that we have been encouraged to ask continuously.  What if I do this instead of that?  What if I use another color here?  What if I put everything on one page?  The list of what if's goes on and on.  In recognition that design should never stop at just one outcome, I think this section is really important to my book of process.  The section will include other solutions to the projects we were given and a special focus will be given to the decades of design inspiration through asking, "What if I designed the cover in a different decade?  Then what would it look like?
So far I have an 80's take on my cover:
Alright, now I absolutely must begin a movie review paper that is due tomorrow.  I will share that later when it is complete, but as a little tease I will say that the movie is called Pollock and is about the amazing artist Jackson Pollock.  The movie was pretty great!  I have a new appreciation for him, that's for sure.  Have a lovely night!!

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