Saturday, April 14, 2012

40 Questions - Part 1

Have you ever been over to the website Marc and Angel Hack Life?  Let me just say that I love it.  There are always amazing posts over there that really get you thinking about the deeper things in life instead of just the superficial surface stuff.  They had a great post yesterday that got me thinking about life.  Life is tough, and so were the questions they posted up.  I challenge you to think about these questions yourself. Not all of them are pretty or glamorous or even fun, but they are serious questions that you should be asking yourself.  Ponder the depth of your life with these questions.

If today was the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?
This one reminds me of my favorite quote, "Do you want this once more and numerable times more?"  Nietzsche was an amazing philosopher that believed that our eternity would be one moment of our life lived over and over forever.  The question he posed was with the intent of making you question each thing you did and whether it was worth spending eternity doing it. 
Today I got up and cleaned the house.  Then I left for the gym were I did an hour of Zumba with some pretty cool gals.  After that, I met a friend at Lowe's to pick up a ton of lumber - he hauled it in his suburban for me.  I drank a full coconut of coconut water, ate half a watermelon, relaxed for a few minutes, and now I am blogging before I start my school work.  I'd say I feel pretty good about what I have accomplished today and could live with myself for it.  Is it what I want to be doing on my last day?  No!  However, I really don't think that flying to Virginia for the day to spend it with Mr. Fantastic would really work out well since it is not actually my last day and I have a lot of school work to catch up on!

What worries you most about the future?
For me, this one is more than just a worry, it is me being scared.  Mr. Fantastic leaves in May for Afghanistan for a year.  What could possibly worry me more than that?  I worry about being alone.  I worry about him being away from me.  I worry about the obvious trouble that could come of him there.  I worry about when I will see him again.  The list goes on. 

Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of?
I'm holding onto the grudges I create for myself.  I let the negative things that people do, outweigh the positive things they do.  I feel that friends should act a certain way, and when they don't I hold onto their failures.  I hold onto them like they are the worst things in the world.  For that reason, it is hard for me to feel kindness toward friends who have hurt my feelings and/or betrayed me. 

If you had a friend that spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?
I guess this kind of relates to the last answer for me.  If I feel betrayed, I don't hang around those people too much after that.  Lately I have been doing a lot of positive self talk.  I am starting to actually feel great about myself again.  Before I started eating healthy, going to the gym, and loosing weight though, it was an entirely different story.  I would have never remained friends with someone like myself if I had thought of it that way!

What is the difference between living and existing?
Living is all about doing, being present, loving, enjoying, singing, dancing, and being excited about life.  Existing is simply being here physically and going through the motions.  I choose to live.  (I will be posting about this more later this week.)

That is a lot to think about in one sitting.  I will continue this short series in increments of five.  Yup, that means you get this series for a total of eight posts!!

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