Wednesday, April 11, 2012


relieved that I have tomorrow off from work and finally get to start addressing my hearing loss issue again!
running around with my head cut off trying to knock out my to-do list before Mr Fantastic gets home
determined to lose 10 more pounds before he gets back in May
addicted to pigtail braids.
loving my leaner body since I've been eating so great and going to the gym at least 4-5 days per week
making raw cookies
noticing how much work Mr. Fantastic does now that I am the only one around to do it
thankful that I got my taxes back today!  Nailed it!
proud the determination that I have had the last 6 weeks although, I need to remember to stick to it hard!
watching Once Upon a Time, Community, and about to start Battlefield on Hulu
anxious to ease up on myself and start going to school only part time instead of full time while working full time and doing everything else as well.
happy that Spring is finally here
ready to start building my raised beds for my garden
working on about 8 million projects at once
marveling That tomorrow makes one month since Mr. Fantastic has been away.  Just over a month to go before he comes home for a few days before deploying.
wondering when I will get to see my family again.
changing my "get energy fast" techniques to eating carrots and apples instead of drinking coffee and soda!
planning a tropical all inclusive vacation for sometime in the next few years.

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