Friday, March 30, 2012

We've Spent a Quarter! Oh My!

Tthere is that old saying, "Time is Money."  I love it because it is true.  Everyday when I drive 3 hours round-trip for work, I think to myself about how I wish I got paid for it.  Sure, I make a decent salary, but my gas money eats into it pretty bad, especially with gas prices reaching toward $4.00 a gallon now.  I've got a pretty fuel efficient car, but that only matters when I drive 70mph constantly.  Of course I don't do that, as my 2 most recent speeding tickets will attest for. While I get 41 mpg when driving  like a calm person from Utah is expected to, I only get 30 mpg when I drive like a person from any other normal state.  Mind you, I have lived in Michigan, California, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, and Utah.  I have also been through Wisconsin, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Oklahoma, Missouri, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, south Carolina, Virginia, New Mexico, and maybe even a few more, so I kind of have a really good idea of how people drive all over the country.  Utah is the worst so far!

I digress!

With the idea that time is money looming over my head, let's break a year down into monetary terms.   If we consider that we are spending time throughout the year, then we are also spending money...therefor we have spent one quarter of our dollar so far for the year.  When I was a kid, a quarter was a lot of money!  The tooth fairy didn't even leave a quarter under my pillow for a molar tooth!  Now I''m pretty sure kids get at least a whole dollar for just a regular front tooth, don't they? 

So now that I've spent a whole quarter, I have to decide if it was worth it for what I got in return.  So far, what have I done this year that accounts for spending a whole quarter on it?  Well, let's take a look:

Spent a week in the hospital 
completed my first term of school
achieved the President's list for my academic progress
worked for over a month on a special team at work where I have learned a ton of new stuff
 hosted a gender reveal party at our house
sent birthday cards almost on time
 went to the first annual games tournament party for work
 started the RAW DIET
lost 20 pounds
 started going to the gym
 started many projects around the house
have been away from Mr. Fantastic for 3 weeks now
got accepted to a vocational rehabilitation program for veterans which will in turn help me to finish school
got an MRI on my back after injuring it 3 1/2 years ago - thank you ARMY and Uncle Sam!  Jerks!
got my first mani/pedi in almost 2 years
got a dehydrator
got a food processor
stopped saying yes all the time, and realized I have to say no sometimes to protect my own sanity
did my taxes and won!

So, was all that worth a quarter?  I'd say so!  I think I have been pretty accomplished so far this year.  I am remaining curious by trying new things - new foods, new activities, new projects, new schedules, new classes, new jobs, new people, new tasks - and I am trying very hard to survive while the Mr. is away.

How did you spend your quarter?  Was it worth it to you?
Have a great weekend!

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