Wednesday, March 21, 2012

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. Music I Can't Stop Listening to

So, I am completely addicted to my Sirius XM radio!  How did I ever live without satellite?   I have no idea!  My free trial is almost up and I have to subscribe again.  I sure wish they had the option of subscribing for life!  HAHA.
So, here is what I listen to for hours each day:



Foster the People

Animal Kingdom

Chalk Stars

Animal Kingdom | Myspace Music Videos

The Black Keys

The Eagles

Busy Being Fabulous

Eagles | Myspace Music Videos



Maroon 5
Florence and the Machine
Duran Duran
Katy Perry
John Mellencamp
Lady Antebellum
I'm telling you that the list actually goes on and on forever more as well, but I didn't want to spend all day with this post! I'll let you ger to your busy week! 

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