Sunday, March 18, 2012

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. Currently...

I love currently lists!  I keep seeing them pop up all over the place and I tell myself that I need to start doing them because it would be fun to look back on, but I keep doing other stuff instead like spending every waking minute on pinterest getting ideas for projects that I keep putting off!  No better time like the present!
listening:to silence...unless you count the sound my puppy is making as she drinks water!
eating: Today I had carrot cake for breakfast and lunch and I had chocolate ice-cream for dinner.  mind you that these are all RAW and therefore fake versions so they are actually very healthy!
drinking: I should totally be drinking water, but I am honestly not very thirsty at all,  I have been enjoying coconut water lately though!
wearing: yoga pants and an Australia t-shirt!  Pajamas!
feeling:lonely and sad.  I really miss my MR
weather: crazy and indecisive - just like it has been all winter.  I'm ready for a real dose of Spring!
wanting: My MR to come home, ambition to work on projects, and my classmates to stop being so juvenile!  Oh, and maybe a trip to IKEA!
needing:My MR., a shower, to do laundry, to not have to drive to work all by myself this week, the results of my Mammogram!
thinking: about how hard it is to live across the country from my family.  I miss them a bunch!
enjoying: resting, my puppy, being lazy!

Yes, a lot of that list talked about my Mr, but I can't help it.  Being away from him is really challenging for me.  He is not only my Mr, but he is my best friend, he is the only family I have in Utah, he is my puppy's daddy, he keeps me sane and grounded, and he keeps the noise level in the house at a nice level.  I'm very lonely without him.  I'm sorry if I sound sad.  I will really try to work on that!
I hope you all have a great start to your week!

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