Monday, March 19, 2012

Is Spring Finally Here?

Are you ready for Spring yet?  I know I sure am.  We had a tease last week, but this week it started snowing again.  Back home in Michigan they had a huge blizzard two weeks ago.  Then it got really nice and warm all of a sudden and melted most everything.  This past weekend my Uncle took his boat to the lake and used it to cut through the remains of the ice to help it melt faster so that he and his friends can start water-skiing!  Yes!  They are absolutely crazy!
 I love my family!  The biggest thing that I miss about Michigan are the summers.  I miss the nice warm summers that didn't get unbearably hot.  I miss always being at the lake and in the water.  And mostly, I miss my uncle taking me water-skiing all the time.  I have not gone in probably 8 or 9 years!  That;s just crazy!
Well, enjoy your Monday!

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