Friday, March 09, 2012

Ring Ring Bling Bling!

So, back on President's Day, Mr. Fantastic and I went out on a window shopping trip.  Now this wasn't your average window shopping trip.  This was a very very important shopping trip in which we accomplished a few different very important things.  The very first thing that we did was get a ring cut off of my finger.  Beofre he went to Iraq last time, Mr. Fantastic get me a beautiful ring with my birthstone.  He had me size the ring for my left ring finger as a token of his love for me -A promise ring sort of deal!  That was when I wore a size 8.  Now I wear a size 10.  It's strange what 3 1/2 years will do to a body!  Needless to say, that ring was not coming off of my finger on its own!  I still have a slight line where that ring was, but other than that, I'm feeling pretty naked!
So, we had to remedy that situation by taking a look at some pretty ring replacement options.  Mind you, these replacement options were much more extravagant than that original ring!  We looked at all kinds of gorgeous things...white gold, rose gold, white diamonds, pink diamonds, etc. ect!  Then, after three different stores, I was brought to tears by the most amazing option I've ever seen.  I found the one I loved!  It is a combination of white and rose gold as well as a combination of white and pink diamonds.  It is perfect and perfect for me! 
So, fast forward to today.  After a few secret trips (presumably to the jewelry store) and a few secret phone calls (presumably from the salesman), he is off again, and this time I have a pretty good idea that he is making some final decisions and exchanging some money!  I do know that they have to special order the ring that I want because it is normally made in all white gold with all white diamonds.  The only reason that I know what it will look like with pink diamonds and rose gold is because we borrowed a piece from another ring.  Also, because of my crazy big fingers, they cannot just re-size the ring because all the diamonds on the band would constantly be falling out.  It takes about 58 days to get it in after ordering it - just enough time for Mr. Fantastic to get home from Virginia where he will be going for the next 2 months!  The question is, did he decide to go with one of the options that they mentioned....picking out the center stone and having it placed in a solitaire setting so that I have something to wear until the real deal comes in.  Either way, I am going to have a gorgeous engagement ring on my finger within the next two months!  EEEK!!!!  So excited.  Now it will be official.
So, do you wanna peak?  Ok, but it's only a peak.  It's not the exact way it will turn out.
Imagine the two outside bands in rose gold with pink diamonds instead of white.  Also, imagine the center stone as a cushion or princess cut instead of the round stone.  Without the center stone it is 1 1/2 carrots and he is talking about wanting me to have a center stone of at least a carrot.  I'm telling you ladies, this man is fantastic!  I was happy with smaller, but he insisted!  HAHA- that never happens!  More updates to come.  Enjoy your weekend!

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