Friday, March 16, 2012

Let's Talk About Progress

Progress is always a great thing.  Making lists is one of my favorite ways to track my progress.  Remember the list of resolutions/goals that I made for the year?  Well, I want to take a closer look at the progress I am making with them.  The purple highlited ones are the ones that I have either completed already or have a really great start on.  The others are looking kind of sad with their perple highlights.  I suppose I need to start remedying that!
Plant Hydrangeas
make an amazing blanket for our bed
complete 3 canvas paintings
try a new recipe each month
make 6 loaves of bread
keep a what I did today 3X5 journal
host an awesome dinner party
host a wine party
strive for only 23 1/2 hours of sedentary activity each day
blog at least one per week
achieve a 3.5 in school
get engaged 
feel great in a size 10 pair of jeans
plant herbs
create a birthday planner calender and stock up on cards to send out for special occasions
learn one "ballroom" type of dance
go one full week without my cellphone
research getting my business license and follow through with a plan
do one commissioned project
organize my office and set it up for productive activities
paint my fingernails and toenails at least once per month
go on a picnic
go to a concert
make valentine cards and send them
Take more pictures

Its's Friday!  Oh my goodness am I ever happy about that!  However, realizing that it is Friday makes me realize that I did not accomplish a few things that I set out to do this week.  I did not get all of my tax documents together.  I did not have my taxes done.  I did not complete my interest survey for vocational rehabilitation.  I did not mail my old text books back.  I did not complete my change of degree program request.  I did not clean the house very much.  
Looking on the brighter side of things now, (since progress is all about positive changes) here are the things that I did accomplish this week.  I did only cry a few times about Mr. Fantastic being away.  I did get more wood for the bathroom walls.  I did purchase a majority of the supplies I need to get started on project house in high gear.  I did have a pulmonary function test.  I did go to genetic counceling and discovered that although my chance of getting breast cancer is higher than for most, I 's still at a lower risk than I thought.  I did get an MRI on my back after injuring it nearly 4 years ago - thanks army/VA! I did loose 3 more pounds.  I did exercise.  I did draw plans for our entryway.  I did decide on a paint color for our entry.  I did sleep alone.  I did pick up my promise ring all re-sized, put back together and cleaned.  I did survive on my own.  I did call my grams on Sunday.  I did get my grades turned in to my employer.  I did submit for my new term.  I did keep a positive attitude!
Well, it looks like my I did list is way longer than my I did not list.  Progress!  Positive change!  Accomplishment!  What did you do this week?  What are you going to do this weekend?  Enjoy!!

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