Saturday, March 17, 2012

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. Goals for February

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  That's what I get for being late all the time - a list that doesn't make sense for me to make!  I'm pretty sure this has happened to me before, right?!  Interesting!
Well, I know what I will do, I will share with you my list of things to try and accomplish in the next two months while Mr. Fantastic is away.  Here it is:
Paint the Mudroom
Build a bench and put up hooks in the Mudroom
Complete the tile back splash in the Kitchen
Paint the Kitchen
Put the handles on the cabinets in the Kitchen
Stain the table dark
Break all the tile out of the center of our dinning table and re-tile it
Finish the wainscoting in the 1/2 bath
Put up artwork in  the 1/2 bath
Find a little cupboard for the 1/2 bath in order to store toilet paper
Make and hang up curtains for our stairwell
Sew a seat cushion for the window seat in the stairwell
Paint the cord hider in our living room to match the wall
Paint some comic book inspired canvases for the gamer room
Hang shelves in the gamer room
Finish painting the wall in our Bedroom
Hang up the curtains and shelves in our bedroom
Paint the tops of the night-stands in our bedroom
Finish decorating our bedroom
Paint the master bathroom
Build a shelf and mirror frames in the master bath
Paint the guest bathroom
Install bead-board in the guest bathroom
Decorate the guest bathroom
Complete the "In this house we do..." painting in our entryway
Set up the digital photo frame that Mr. Fantastic got me for Valentine's Day 2 years ago
Make or buy a rug for our hallway
Finish making my jewelry holder/display
Paint the door edges of all the doors a bright and awesome random color!
Hang up lots of pretty pictures
Work on putting together my office/studio/craft-room/school room
And that's it!  Ha - I know, you are probably wondering, "that's it?"  It sure is a ton of stuff to accomplish in 2 months.  I will probably not accomplish even half of it, but wish me luck.  When I am not watching television, I will be working hard on this stuff.  That means I am going to also have to be more efficiant in doing my school work.  I really need to start a time planner again!

Well, I hope you all are enjoying the weekend!  Is the weather nice were you are at?

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