Tuesday, March 13, 2012

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. Alone Time Fun

Had I made this list when everyone else did, it would not have been nearly as important to me.  Today Mr. Fantastic left for Virginia to do some job training for 2 months.  He will be back for 1-2 weeks in May before he takes off again.  When he leaves in May, he will be gone for a year.  I hate that so much!  I hate that he will not be next to me when I go to sleep at night.  I hate that he won't be there to laugh and smile with me, or to drive to work with me while I sleep in the passenger seat.  I hate that I won't be able to hold his hand.  However, as much as I dislike him leaving, there will be a lot of things for me to do by myself again.  This list is especially meaningful now.  Here goes...fun things to do alone:
-ride my bike
-paint cool canvases for Mr. Fantastic's gamer room
-house fixer-upper projects
-drink yummy cold drinks in the sun
-Starbucks while I'm doing schoolwork
-watch my favorite tv shows
-laundry only when I want to!
-wine parties
-dance around the house
-listen to laud music
-build things
-buy myself flowers
-garage sales
-long walks
This is going to be a long year+ but I will make it.  I'm going to head over to Elise's blog to be reminded of all the neat things she did to keep busy while her hubby was away.  Her blog is amazing so check it out here!
Hooray, Tomorrow is Humpday/Wednesday!

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