Friday, March 16, 2012

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. People I Would Love to Meet

Oh man, this list is a tough one.  I'm not usually a huge one for wanting to meet famous people or anything.  I always think that if I end up meeting them I won't like them as much afterward.  I prefer to keep them on their little pedestal of awesomeness.  Chances are that if I meet them, I will find ways to see them as average and what is the fun in that!
A list that would be far to long to show is a list of average everyday people that I would love to meet.  I have a feeling that I have a lot in common with many of my followers on my blog.  Why would you follow me if you didn't like what I am all about?  Exactly!  I also follow a lot of people that I find really interesting, inspiring, crafty, talented, and wonderful.  I would certainly love to meet them.  I would love to mix our brains up and see what comes of it!
I think I would also like to meet some really great Graphic Designers and maybe a few artists just so I could see their work in person.  I guess those people are sort of famous though.  I hope that if I ever met up with them for some inspiration, I wouldn't end up disappointed.
The truth of the matter is that people are disappointing.  When we don't know them, and really don't know much about their personal lives, their dreams, ambitions, personalities and such, we tend to imagine them a certain way.  We give them all of these attributes that we see fit.  However, a lot of the time the way we imagine them is never real.  I think I would be sad to realize that while face to face with the people I think of as being super awesome!
Woohoo!  It's the weekend!!
Enjoy it!

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