Wednesday, March 07, 2012

RAW: A Yummy Taco Lunch!

So, I'm really loving this whole raw food thing.  It's going pretty great.  I have lost a total of 13 pounds now and held it off!  That's awesome.  My skin is still feeling amazing, as is my hair.  It doesn't get tangled nearly as bad either.  I am already beginning to feel a lot more comfortable in my clothes.  It's always great to feel like you actually look good.  There are a few things that I am struggling with yet though.  The big thing is my digestion.  After a large salad or plenty of veggies I get stomach pains.  From what I have learned, this is from a weak intestinal system learning to digest fiber.  It can also be caused from improper food combining.  I'm still learning and don't want to give up.  It's going to take a great effort, but what I have decided to try doing is to eat my fruits, and drink my veggies for now.  Then I am going to slowly bring in the whole veggies. 
I wanted to share a yummy taco lunch I made. 
"Nacho Cheese"
"Sour Cream"

"Taco Meat"


First layer the taco meat into the cabbage leaf or lettuce leaf

Add some salsa

And some nacho cheese

And then some sour cream

Cilantro and avocado taste great, too!

Top it off with raw almond milk "cheese"

Now fold it or roll it up

And ENJOY!!!!   Yum Yum!
Enjoy the last bit of this week.  I am going to be trying to enjoy it as much as possible.  It is the last week before Mr. Fantastic leaves for two months.  Sad-face :(

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