Sunday, April 15, 2012

Computer Banning

I have made a huge decision this week.  Since Mr. Fantastic has been away, I have been reluctant to start very many projects, let alone finish any of the ones that I had on my list to finish while he was away.  Part of it is loneliness and part of it is laziness.  My school work has been suffering as well.  Most of the time it is because I don't feel like doing much.  I don't like that one bit though.  I need to do stuff.

Now, I have done stuff, but it is not what I want to actually do in the long run.  In other words, I have been the worlds biggest procrastinator!  No good.  What have I done to procrastinate, you ask.  Well, I have an addiction.  Dun, dun, dun!  I am addicted to the internet!  Yuck!

So, my biggest hugely big project starts today, April 15th.  It is called "THE COMPUTER BANNING PROJECT"  *gasp* Yes, I am actually going to do this, and not just for a week either.  I am banning myself from the computer from now until Summer is over!  Holy Crap!  You read that right, I am banned from the computer for 160 days!

Okay, so that sounds extremely dramatic!  I think that is exactly what I need though - dramatic change - in order to be happier, more productive, and an overall better person.  However, let me say this, there are exceptions that will make this seem far less dramatic.  So, here are my "rules" to follow in order for this project to be successful:

1.  Computer and Internet use is acceptable for school.  Duh, I'm going to school online so I can't exactly ban myself from that if I want to get anywhere with my education.
2.  Messenger and Video Messenger are acceptable for use with AND ONLY WITH Mr. Fantastic.  With him away, it would hardly be a good idea for me to ban that.  I do need to see him/talk with him from time to time in order to keep myself sane and for the obvious reason of keeping our relationship in tact!
3.  Since email is also a very important tool for communication, I will allow myself to check my email from my phone.  By checking it from my phone, it will keep me from accidentally getting caught up and getting online.
4.  Each week I will allow myself to watch my 3 television shows on Hulu.  Since Hulu is on the internet, I will need to use my computer/internet for this.
5.  Each week I may also have 2 hours of "play time" on the internet to update my blog, and maybe use pinterest to inspire me for new recipes and projects. 
6.  I may use my phone a few times a week when it becomes important to update my facebook status in order to show my family that I have not jumped off a cliff somewhere and I am still alive!

Oh my goodness, I still can't quite believe that I have decided to do this.  I am obsessed with the internet. 

I would challenge you to try something similar.  I am not suggesting that you give up the internet for 160 days, but try doing it for a day maybe, or even a week.  I think that you would be surprised at all the things that you can accomplish in that time-frame.  When we aren't distracted by technology, it leaves us plenty of time to fill up with things that actually matter - family, friends, hobbies, talents, new food experiments, going to the gym, gardening, journaling, crafting, photography, and the list just goes on and on!  Try it!

This last week, although I have not banned myself, I have tried to cut down on my time.  Look at what I have accomplished:

Got the living room a little more organized

Hung up new artwork in the living room - this is still not complete though
Created a cute little nook in the entryway

Straitened up the formal living room and got a rug for in there

Made and drank a lovely sangria

Put together a staircase for Pugly Butt to climb into bed with

Started my seeds for the garden

Planted Sweet Basil in the pugly planter

Got my hairs did!  Had all the ugly unhealthy stuff cut off and added some layers

Drew up plans for the garden as well as had a friend help me get the lumber from Lowes

Have you done anything great and fun this week?

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