Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Olive Juice

Have you ever heard of people saying olive juice instead of I Love You.  If you watch someone say it, it actually looks like they are saying I Love You.  It's kind of one of our things from time to time, so when I had to design three posters for one of my classes, it came to mind.  The posters are movie posters advertising a fictitious autobiographical romantic comedy.  Want to see what I came up with?

The idea of them is to use a phoot of ourselves and use Photoshop to manipulate it.  The first poster has to make use of changing our photo.  The second has to change another aspect of the images and focus on color painting.  The third poster must use glyphs.  all three must have underlying similarities and be considered part of a series.  My favorite is the third poster because I taught myself this very cool comic book technique.  I only wish it had not taken so long to do.  Do to time constraints I did not have time to add Mr. Fantastic to this one.  Perhaps this will be a free time type of thing!

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  1. Looove these!!! So great! I say "Olive Juice" all the time and trick my husband. ha!


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