Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2011 Goals

In order to be accountable, I am posting up my goals for the new year!  It is sure to be an amazing and magical year!!  I can't wait to see how it unfolds!

Loose 50 pounds

Look on the bright side more often

Read 12 books

Go to an event where I can wear a fancy dress

Crochet a blanket

Earn 3.5 or better GPA

Get my quote tattoo

Go to First Friday at least 4 times

Plan and host a wine party

Send someone flowers for no reason

Go to the theater

Visit IKEA

Visit New York

Learn some sign language

Throw a New Years party

Create at least one feature post for my blog

Be a coupon/bargain shopper

Use my reusable bags

Become a better homemaker

Get birthday presents to their recipients on time!

Learn to make pie crust


  1. oooh! What books are you thinking about?

  2. Nice list! I especially love those "hard" ones such as visit ikea... What a chore ;)


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