Sunday, January 30, 2011

Other Presents I made for Christmas

I really did intend to post these pictures up a lot sooner, but my camera completely died, and despite the charger being right in front of my eyes, I could not find it forever!!  So, here you go...beter late than never, right!?

I crocheted this doiley myself!!  I absolutely love the pretty details!

Here you can see those details a little better.

I used some upholstry fabric scraps I had left from my Interior Design days
and created a pretty pillow.  Then I handsewed the doiley to it!

This shows the backside of the pillow.  These are leafs which actually make
sense because I sewed on a little bird charm to the front too.  Sorry
I don't have pictures of that.

This is the up close photo of a giant scarf I made.  The original
pattern called for a much smaller yarn but I had no idea where to stop in the
pattern to create a shorter version, so that left me with a 12 foot scarf!

Here you can see it at it's full length (almost)  I told you that it's huge!

Crocet again!  I did each piece seperate and then stitched it together
to create the bib necklace!

Up close!!
Have a very lovely night!!  Loves!

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  1. I love all your pictures. I really adore and think it is fantastic too make doolies. I love you mom


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