Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home Tour Hallway Edition

Okay, so I know that I told you back in October that I would be posting hallway pictures of the house really soon.  I did take the pictures, but my camera battery ran out, so I never did load them up here for you.  Without further adoo, here they finally are!

Looking from the living room into the bathroom hall and into the game room!

Looking out of the bathroom hall into the living room hall.  That's our bedroom door.
The display cabinet.  I've added several items to it though
which include my amazing cameras that I got
for my birthday and for Christmas!

Looking down the living room hall into the kitchen.

The right wall.  I've added my huge painting of Audrey Hepburn to it on the close
side and a music cabinet to it on the far side.

The left wall.  I've added framed sheet music fabric (2 frames - one above
the other) to it between the word jazz and the guest bedroom door.

Looking down the living room hall into the living room and out the front door.

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