Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Looking back at 2010 !My accomplishments!

2010 was a very full year. There was a lot going on throughout it all. I survived the ends of some things and the beginnings of other things. Overall, it was a great success. I embraced my four little words: open, emerge, awake, and alive. I reached inside of myself and brought back a girl I thought I had lost.  Here is a quick rundown of our year:

January – I got to visit with family and Mr. Fantastic!
February – I quit my job that made me so unhappy and traveled around to see family in a few different states.
March – Finished up with the traveling and started packing up to move to Nashville.
April – Moved in with Mr. Fantastic in Nashville and started school.
May – Continued with school and started therapy.
June – Made the President’s Honor Roll, went home for a visit, and became an aunt!
July – Realized that maybe Interior Design was not for me.
August – Had a really tough time loving a friend and contemplated every day what the right thing was to do.
September – Was in a wedding for said friend, and latter decided that I couldn’t let negative people dominate my life. I had to let go. Around this time, Mr. Fantastic decided to go to school and we both decided that a new move would be great because we really liked Knoxville and the school was perfect for both of our goals!
October – We completed our applications to UT, moved to Knoxville, and had a friend stay with us for a couple weeks.
November- We both got JOBS!!!! Yikes!
December – We both got accepted to UT, I made lots of handmade presents, and went up to SD to visit family for Christmas!!

As for the goals that I set for 2010, here is how I did with them:
Simplify: I’ve been cooking at home, making handmade gifts, and refurbishing the old instead of buying new!

Begin and Stick with School: I started school in April and continued with it through September. I maintained a 4.0 and President’s Honor Roll. As far as sticking with it part, I came to the realization that Interior Design was not for me, but that Graphic Design was better suited for me! That’s good news. So now that I have transferred to a larger school, I know that I can stick with my choice to go back to school.

Keep a Planner/Calendar: I started out really well with this one, but kind of faded off. I did manage to keep appointments in my calendar though.

Paint a Sunflower: I did this! I painted it for my grams for her birthday.

Buy and Learn to use a sewing machine: I did this!! I have made a few really cool things like my quilted duvet cover and the reversible bag. Plus I altered my bridesmaid dress and made some really beautiful things for a bride even if they weren’t appreciated.

Take at Least 1 picture per day and document them all in a cute little way: Well, I started out pretty well, but that only lasted for a month. I do have a lot of pictures though!

Be more Romantic: This was pretty easy since Mr. Fantastic and I moved in together. We have cute little dinners together and cuddle on the couch. One day we left the house to simply explore! It was amazing.

Get and ride a bicycle whenever logical: I did not get my bicycle. However, we are planning on getting them in the spring. We moved to a house that just so happens to be a 15 minute ride away from campus. Plus, Knoxville is a bike friendly community!

Make a scarf that I have had my eye on Which Includes Learning how to Knit better: Success! I absolutely adore my new scarf….well, my new scarfs plural! In addition to learning how to knit better, I taught myself how to crochet! I am really loving it. I did several crochet projects for Christmas presents and have also made several things for myself. Right now I am working on a sweater!

Finish my military scrapbook and continue with up to date albums: I did not work on my military album much this year. I did quite a few pages about the end of last year and the beginning of this year. I did order over 1,000 pictures though of things from the last 4 years so that I am ready to start going on some more recent scrapbooking!

At least 4 mini albums: Nope. I didn’t make this one either. I blame it on school!

Grow my hair to the middle of my back: Now although I haven’t succeeded in this one, it is not for lack of trying. I only got two haircuts this year and it was only in order to tidy up my hairstyle so that I could keep growing it out. Right now my hair is below my shoulders! I did experiment with going blind and that was fun. It was a lot of upkeep though because my roots kept growing out, so I went back to brown.

Blog more often: I would say that I have been pretty successful with this one! I’ve at least tried to be better about it!

Smile every single day: Yes! It’s pretty easy to smile every day when I am so happy! This year my life has really taken a turn for the better. I’ve done a lot of evaluating and made some positive changes. I’m really in love with how everything is at this moment!

Take time to breath: Ahhhhh! It feels really good. I’ve taken time for myself and begun to say no on occasion. I’ve learned that I can’t do it all, and sometimes I just have to compromise or leave things for a later date.

Over all, 2010 Was amazing. There were some negative parts to it, but I think that we all must endure a little rain if we want to appreciate the sunshine!! Here is my top ten list of 2010:

1. Quitting my job that made me so unhappy.

2. Moving in with Mr. Fantastic

3. Making President’s Honor Roll

4. Becoming the President-elect of ASID (even if I had to resign in order to move away)

5. Becoming an Aunt

6. Living by my four little words in order to really find my true identity again

7. Feeling that I really am a part of Mr. Fantastic’s family and knowing that my family excepts him as part of ours

8. Moving to Knoxville

9. Learning to sew, knit, and crochet (so I could make it a handmade Christmas!)

10. Mr. Fantastic and I both applying for UT and being excepted!!

Taking a look at the year in regards to my 4 little words:  In 2010, I opened up a lot.  I got closer to many good people.  I was honest, and loyal to a fault.  I emerged from my quiet and gloomy self though.  With the help of therapy I even started working on some of my ghosts.  I awakened to a happier me.  I tried to focus on myself for once and doing what made me feel good about myself.  I felt very alive!!
And as far as my color of the year, I was right!  It was perfect in helping me with all my goals, my words, and my life.  I feel very happy and positive about all that I accomplished last year!!

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  1. You are amazing. I love the goals they seem so alive and obtainable. I can hear joy in your life and that is wonderful. Keep up the good work I miss you


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