Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finding Some Inspiration! Link List

I have been doing some research for a semester-long project I am working on for my Intro class for Graphic Design.  For the project, we are exploring the process of design from inspiration through completion.  We will be creating a Process Book based on this exploration.  Anyhow, I found some really great articles and websites online to give me some ideas.  Here are some links below.  You will really want to check them out, because a lot of them can actually apply to artists and creatives of all sorts.  The information can be modified and applied for all sorts of projects.  Seriously, CHECK THESE OUT!!

Why Create a Process Book?
Researching for a Design Concept
Organizing your Inspiration
Starting a Freelance Business
Inspiration Online
Assignments for your Sketchbook
Street Sketchbook

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