Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coping with Stress

I am realizing as of late, that stress is a big component of life!  Of course, there is good stress and bad stress.  The bad stress is what makes me crazy.  It wears me down, makes me sad, and doesn't help the winter blues.  It is the stress that I need to fight off!  So, if you are like me and need some good ways to fight off the bad stress that tends to attack, here is a list of things you might enjoy doing.  By doing these things ) especially for the next couple months we have left of winter, hopefully we can fight off some bad stress, build up our happy selves, and maintain a more balanced life.
Here is my list:

Get enough sleep. This one is huge for me!  I might get into bed at 1030, but then I play a game on my phone until I finally force myself to shut my eyes at nearly midnight.  During the day I am always tired and long for a good nap.  I love me a great nap.  So much so that I tend to take 2 hour naps.  Now if I could just get myself to go to bed at a good time and wake up rested, I might be able to feel refreshed after a night of sleep and only take a quick poser nap if needed.

Say "no" to things I don't want to or don't have time to do.  It's in my nature to try to make everyone happy.  This means that a lot of times, I stretch myself too thin.  I end up doing all kinds of things for others, and not having enough me time.  I am going to work on doing only the things that I actually want to do, and this should free up some time for myself.  That way, I end up doing lots of stuff that I want to do and still feeling as though I'm not missing out.

Buy myself something I can afford.  Sometimes it's nice to give ourselves a little pick-me-up present.  It puts a smile on our face.  It is important to remember though that we don't need the big fancy gifts.  Sticking to the things we can afford, gives us more financial room and less bad stress over how we are going to afford all the things in life that we "need."

Make enough time to do what I want.  This one relates well to the say no one from above.  When my time isn't filled with doing too many things I don't really want to do just so others are happy, I have more time to do things that I want.  This works in two ways, not only am I not stressed about having too much to do, but, I also am fighting away some of that bad stress by doing the things I want to do!

Buy something for my house or apartment.  I just love it when our home reflects us.  Sometimes a little something here or there can add a little touch of happiness.  It doesn't have to be elaborate, but something new here or there will break up the monotony and give us a fresh perspective.
Solve a problem that's been bothering me.  The matter of time management gets to me!  I could sit for hours and look at pretty websites and make awesome crafty stuff, but then I neglect the dishes or the laundry and it piles up.  Before I know it, I'm tuck with hours and hours of cleaning up.  If I would have just done it in the first place, it would have only taken a couple minutes, instead of all the time it takes when I put it off.

Do something fun outdoors.  Right now, we are having a little "Indian Summer."  This weekend it has been in the 60s and sunny!  I love it.  I need to get out in the sunshine and soak it up before winter returns to us.  The sun really helps to relax me, and gets my positive vibes going.  That reduces my bad stress.  I resolve to try to get out in it a little more often.

Enjoy my favorite hobby.  I get paid tomorrow!  That means that I get to pick up some more yarn and work on crocheting a sweater that I started.  I've also been working on scrapbooking again recently.  It's so much fun to remember all the things I've gotten to do.

Be active with my favorite physical activity.  Ha!!!!  This one is really a tough one for me to put into practice, but I know it is for the best!  I honestly don't care for physical activity much, but I know that it helps that bad stress melt away.  Walking is something that helps me.  I get my heart rate up a bit, I don't really have to breath too heavy and I don't have to sweat (I hate sweating).  Plus, it gives me a little bit of peaceful time to think and enjoy my own thoughts and ideas.

Go to a movie.  I love love love movies!  I especially love going to them and getting a big thing of popcorn.  Movies are stories that we can witness faster than by reading a book.  Usually, I like to watch ones that make me laugh.  Laughter is a really great way to fight off bad stress.

Spend time with my puppy.  Kaye is always happy all of the time.  When she wags her little curly tail at me, I have to smile.  She always makes me feel better.  She loves me unconditionally!

Relax with a good book or magazine.  Part of my goals for this year include reading 12 books.  Reading provides a good quiet atmosphere to be at peace.  It slows down my mind and lets me relax. 

Listen to my favorite music.  Pretty much any music is amazing!  I just love sitting in my car with the windows cracked, the wind blowing and the radio turned up!  I sing to the songs I know and pretend to lip sync to the ones I don't know.  I just know that people are looking at me - with envy of course- wishing they could just let loose and belt out a few tunes themselves!

Have a great week!  Loves!

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