Monday, January 09, 2012

2011 Reviewing Some More

I found this little questionnaire on Olivine's Charm School Blog.  I thought the questions were the perfect questions to be asking oneself during the transition from one year to the next.  I thought I would put up my answers to the questions.  If you want to see more, go check out her blog HERE

1.  What accomplishments am I proud of from 2011?
I'm really proud that we bought a house and a new car.  These two things are on "the list" of adult things to eventually do, and somehow I wasn't sure if I would ever check them off.  2011 was the year of big changes for us though, and now we are homeowners!

2. What brave chances did I take?
I made a choice to not only stop going to school full time, but to move across the country and pursue a career that at one point I never thought I would be involved with again.  I put a lot on my plate and just hope that it doesn't all go to waste.

3. When did I impress myself?
I impressed myself a few times.  During the transition from Tennessee to Utah, I proved a few times how strong I can be and how courageous I am.  New challenges are always exciting but they can be risky too.  I impressed myself with how organized I could be in getting our lives packed up and turned around in only a matter of a couple weeks.  When we moved into our new home, I took a quick initiative to start making it ours right away.  A lot of decorating got done in a very short amount of time.  Then, to celebrate, we had a huge party that I hosted with tons of food and excitement.  I never knew that I could pull off something so awesome!

4. What challenges did I overcome?
I've continued to struggle with my mental health.  There are days when I just want to givve up because it would be so much easier.  I challenged myself to press on though and continue to encourage myself to seek out the help that I need whether it's emotional support, medical fixes, or positive influences.  I'm getting stronger and happier.

5. Which relationships did I strengthen?
Mr. Fantastic and I are always strengthening our relationship.  The little things that we do together and even the things that we do apart bring us closer as a couple each day.  Each day we make a conscientious decision to be the best partner that we can be for each other.  We smile and say I love you.  We wink and hold hands.  We never go to sleep without saying I love you!

6. What did I create?
I created a happier heart. a more peaceful mind, a stronger will and an opportunity to be great.  I strived this year to make people feel good about themselves and to feel good about myself as well.  I hope that I created love!

7. How did I nurture my relationship with my body?
This one is a tough one!  My relationship with my body has been a constant tug-o-war all year!  I gained weight, I lost weight, and I gained it back.  At two times I did go on a lifestyle diet.  I'm not talking about the starve yourself for a few weeks and loose 10 pounds diet, I'm talking about a change of approach to eating type of diet.  I tried the raw diet and the glucose free diet.  Each of these helped me a lot and then I just got lazy.  I felt amazing while adhearing to them and it really wasn't hard at all.  This coming year, I am really looking forward to getting back into one or the other of them or maybe a combination of the two.  I'm really ready to get healthy and maintain that health in all areas of my life.  To start that though, balance is essential!

What about you?  Do you have any great reflections of the past year that you would like to share?
HAve a great week.

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