Thursday, January 19, 2012

One Little Word

Sometimes one little word can mean so much.  I think that is the reason that I participate in the One Little Word challenge.  In years past I have chosen more than one word, but this year I only have one.  This is a big thing, guys!  So, you ask, what is my one little word for 2012? 

One of my past professors used this word as a mantra for designers.  This is the one thing she said that she could never teach us to be.  It's the one thing we ould have to be though if we wanted to be successful designers.  I'ts not enough to simple thing and design.  You must instead be curious enough to ask questions, to explore every option, to learn about things that are related to things that are related to things that are related to what we want to design about.  Curiosity is one of the most important traits that a designer can have because without it you never get better, you can't stay competitive, and your success will be limited to imitation.  
My intention for 2012 is to make it a year of curiosity.  I will be curious about my job, including a new positionn that I start on Monday with the testing group.  I will be curious about my school classes including those that I don't really want to take.  I will be curious about books and read a lot.  I will be curious about my art and experiment with new ideas.  I will be curious about crafts and try several new things.  I will be curious about my health and stay on top of getting back to being healthy.  I will be curious about my limits and try to stretch them.  Most of all, I will be curious about myself and explore who I am.
This should be a very curious year.  I'm super excited.  So, inn keeping with this mantra, what are you curious about?  Do you have anything you want to know about me?  About my goals?  More about my mantra?  Are there any other things that you are curious about?  fill me in, because I just might be curious about it too!

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