Sunday, January 08, 2012

The New Year Can Only Get Better From Here!

If it is not one thing with me, it is certainly another!  We had such a wonderful time in Michigan with my family and left there early early in the morning on Thursday the 28th.  We flew from Detroit to Rapid City, South Dakota to get some more family time yet with Mr. Fantastic's side.  I should have known that things were not going to be perfect.  As soon as we got in, my allergies to cats started showing their ugly face!  My breathing was slow ans labored and I could not stop coughing or bowing my nose.  Within the first evening, I had already gone through an entire box of kleenix!   The allergy medication, the cold medicine, the warm tea....nothing was helping.  Friday morning we decided to get out of the house.  We went wine tasting and then eagle watching.  It was really nice to be outside, but the cold just set in on my hurting lungs even more, and before I knew it, I was hurting everywhere.  That night it got so miserable, and my innhaler wasn't giving me any relief.  We packed up a small bag and headed over to his cousin's house in hope that I could find some relief. Through the night I continued to get worse.  On top of the breathing problems, and the congestion, I started having panic attacks.  I was up and down all night struggling to breath and maintainn some sort of calmness in order to not perpetuate the anxiety cycles.  By morning, it was clear that we had no other choise but to travel into town to the hospital.  We hoped for a qucik visit - maybe they could just give me a breathing treatment and send us on our way so we would still make it to the family bowling outing we had planned.
When we got to the hospital, my oxygen saturation levels were at 88%  - pretty bad!  They got me in a room and started checking me out.  The anxiety continued which didnt help the breathing at all.  Before I knew it, I was drugged up on several different drugs, had a few breathing treatments, holes in my veins and still wasn't getting any better.  They admitted me. 
So the final diagnoses was pneumonia, with severe asthma and allergy symptoms.  My hospital stay lasted 7 days!  Yes, that is insane!  Throughout the experience, Mr Fantastic was right there with me holding me hand.  When they blew out all of my viens and had to put a central line through my jugular and into my heart, we was there.  When I had to walk from the bed to the bathroom, he steadied my walk.  When I tried to walk down the hall for the very first time, he was there to push my oxygen tank.  And when all my tubes and monitors got in my way, he helped me to brush my hair.  What a wonderful man he is! 
So, that explains where I have been for a bit.  Now that I am finally home, I am still unable to do much because my oxygen levels are still so low, but it is better than being in the hospital.  I'm slowly working towards posting my goals for the new year, starting my new classes for the quarter, trying to eat a little healthier, and praying that the mess in this house will somehow clean itself so that I can continue to rest up before returning to work tomorrow.   
Here are some pictures but I must warn you, they are not for the weak!

I hope you all have a lovely week. 

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