Friday, January 20, 2012



 As per usual, I have managed to wait long into January to post up my goals for the year.  Goals to me is a scary word though this year because I have already taken on more than ever before.  This month marks the beginning of me being a full time student and a full time professional.  I'm probably crazy, but I'm also really excited.  I've realized something - we only have this one opportunity to make life happen!  
As you may have seen in my previous post, this year is all about being curious for me.  I will be curious about my job, including a new position that I start on Monday with the testing group.  I will be curious about my school classes including those that I don't really want to take.  I will be curious about books and read a lot.  I will be curious about my art and experiment with new ideas.  I will be curious about crafts and try several new things.  I will be curious about my health and stay on top of getting back to being healthy.  I will be curious about my limits and try to stretch them.  Most of all, I will be curious about myself and explore who I am.
So, here are some goals that I set for myself this year.  My goals for the year are things I will strive for but not stress over.  They are things that I would really like to find time for.  My goals are things that will make life just a little more active, a little more enjoyable, and a little more lived.  I'm excited to try these out.  this year I am also going to try something new on the blog.  I'm going to start a new feature post about my goals and my progress with them.  I may add to my goals, I may subtract from them.  Life is all about changing and if I change as a person, chances are that my goals will change too, and that is what makes this year of curiosity such an exciting thing for me to look forward to.  Alright, here they are in no particular order:
lemon water in the mornings
turmeric  tea
write one hand written snail mail letter at least once per month
send flowers to someone for no reason
back up all of my digital files to an external hard drive and keep it all organized
complete 12 exciting just for fun projects that I have on my fun projects to try list
read 12books for personal enjoyment
Plant Hydrangeas
make an amazing blanket for our bed
complete 3 canvas paintings
try a new recipe each month
make 6 loaves of bread
keep a what I did today 3X5 journal
host an awesome dinner party
host a wine party
strive for only 23 1/2 hours of sedentary activity each day
blog at least one per week
achieve a 3.5 in school
get engaged 
feel great in a size 10 pair of jeans
plant herbs
create a birthday planner calender and stock up on cards to send out for special occasions
learn one "ballroom" type of dance
go one full week without my cellphone
research getting my business license and follow through with a plan
do one commissioned project
organize my office and set it up for productive activities
paint my fingernails and toenails at least once per month
go on a picnic
go to a concert
make valentine cards and send them
Take more pictures

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