Sunday, January 22, 2012

Regarding My Communication Style

I'm very fortunate that I work in a very informal environment most of the time.  My situation is also very unique.  Although I am no longer in the military, the majority of the people that I work with are prior military as well and we have all moved to the middle of nowhere for this job.  Although we have our immediate families such as spouses and children around us, we all serve as each others extended families and as friends.  All the friends that I have, I also work with.  My best friend is actually my boss' wife.  My boss is actually my fiance's best friend where we live.  So, the question of whether or not my communication style changes according to my setting doesn't apply as directly to me as it does to others.  I am around the same people in each environment and they all know me very well so it would strike them as quite strange if I acted differently in one place or the other.  I've been in this type of situation for many years now.  During my time in the service it was the same, and since I got out, I've worked in the same type of job, really the last time that I had a "normal" separation between work and home was high school ten years ago.  Back in high school I was a cheerleader, a member of the spirit club, the pep club, student council, debate, color-guard, dance, and drama.  I was very outgoing!  Although I can't remember all the details, I'm pretty sure that even then I was the same way.  I was just as enthusiastic at home as I was at school, as I was as a member of all those things, as I was at my part time job working in a restaurant.  My communication style really hasn't changed since then either.
How do you communicate?  Do you have a specific style that fits you best?  Do you communicate differently at work than you do at school or at home or in a social setting?

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