Thursday, May 27, 2010

Photo Project Idea

Oops!  I got so tired that I forgot to come back later to tell you about my photo project idea.  I'm sure many of you are aware of the 365 day photo projects where someone takes one picture a day.  Recently in one of my design classes, we looked at some photo pieces that were similar but the pictures were of specific things such as the sky.  So these ideas and a class discussion lead to my project idea! This weekend is a three day weekend and we are going to try to do a few fun things, so that makes this weekend a great time to try this out.  The idea: take a picture every hour on the hour.  Okay, so that sounds pretty easy, but there's more!  Let me lay out the "rules" I've made for myself....
Each hour my little alarm will beep to remind me to take a picture.  No matter what I am looking at or doing right then, I will take a picture directly in front of me.  If I am on the computer, I'll take a picture of it for example.  If I'm giving the puppy a bath, then I'll take a picture of her.  If I am sleeping, I get to take a break, and I won't take a picture.  The whole idea of this project is to have a fun visual project to show all of the activities that I am doing, which ones I do most often, and when I am doing them.  I'll post the pictures for you to see if you are interested in looking!  I'll start tomorrow morning when I wake up and go through the holiday weekend!  It should be pretty fun to see what I actually do with my time!
Here are some of the activities that are on our to do list:

-drop something off downtown at my doctor's office
-trip to a video game place
-school on Saturday morning
-grilling out
-working on the craft room
and lots of other exciting things....

Hey, here are some pretties for you to look at in the meantime!

Pug Kisses!

Giant Prairie Dog

Learning to knit!
all photos by me.  Have a peaceful evening!

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