Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a beautiful day and a beautiful lady!

Just a short post for now, but I wanted to show you some pretties that Eleise is sending me.  She just recently hit 150 followers.  Head over to her blog and you'll see exactly why....it's adorable!  She has a lot going on over there.  Please check her out.  Here's a picture....
Isn't this such a pretty little gift set?  I'm quite giddy about receiving it.  I am very excited to play with those pretty beads and paper dolls.  The necklace and the bow....oh, goodness!  Do you see what looks a bit like a crossword puzzle there?  That "d" is one piece of the dream banner I am going to hang in my new craft room! 
I will very much try to come back around later tonight.  We are about to leave the house right now to go to dinner with a few friends.  I have a really fun photo project I'm about to start and would like to tell you all about it!  Be looking!  Have a pleasant evening!

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