Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Friends I Love to Feature!!

I really really really want to start a feature post about some of my blog friends.  My idea is to have a feature post weekly or bi-weekly about YOU!  That's right.  I would like to feature you on my blog.  I think the bloggy world is so wonderful and has done so much for me.  I've met a lot of wonderful and talented people and I want to share you with the rest of the bloggy world!  If you are interested in a feature post, please contact me by email at ZoiHoku143[at]yahoo[dot]com.  Use "feature post" as your subject line.  Together we can put together a really great feature all about you.  If you have your own blog, website, or shop, I'd love to put that in the feature as well.  think of it as free advertisement!!  Again, if you want to be featured on Then We Started Living, email me!!

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