Monday, February 28, 2011

Just a Quick Note

Hello everyone!  I hope that your weekends were wonderful and that your weeks are off to a great beginning!  Once again I had to work quite a bit this weekend.  Urrrrr!  I really wish that making money wasn't so imprtant and that I could just create all the time!  Someday, I suppose.  This week I have a lot going on.  Tomorrow I am submitting some ideas for a website project in one of my classes.  I am also submitting ideas for a costume for that same class.  I had to make up a mythological creature.  Come Tuesday I will be attending an advising session for Graphic Design.  Basically I will be learning about my options in the upcoming semesters.  Wednesday is a pretty casual day.  Thursday I will be turning in the majority of my process book stuff and getting it ready for the midterm book I will be binding.  I hope that Friday ends up being casual too.  I have some catching up to do in a few other areas.  Our friend will be coming back home after being away for two months.  He was in Arizona with his girlfriend...fiancee....wife!  They had been talking about getting married for a while so he went down there to officiallyy get engaged and do the courthouse wedding thing so that they can have all the legal stuff out of the way before she gets reassigned to a new base (she is still in the Army).  We are excited to see him!  I'll be working only a little over the weekend, but it's a night so that isn't too bad.  It should give me plenty of time to study for midterms which aren't this week, but next!  I know...Already!
In the next couple weeks I will hopefully be making a dress or two to wear during our Spring Break trip to Florida for a wedding/Army friend reunion.  I'd also like to get a few other surprises done.  Fingers crossed.

Don't forget about the giveaway.  I still only have one person signed up for it.  Also, don't forget about my "Friends I Love to Feature" Posts that I would like to start.  If you are interested in getting some notice, send me a note and I would love to feature you on my blog.  I didn't realize that I would practically have to beg for people to put in this feature.  Come on, don't you want some free exposure?

Have a great week!

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