Friday, February 25, 2011

Process Book: SURPRISE!!

Hey all!  Sorry for not following up on my promise to have this done by Wednesday.'s been a crazy week!  So, without anymore blabbing, here you go:

The remaining Curious:

And The beginning of Surprise:

 Click on the pictures to see the sources!
And now for Tiffany's Dress.  Mr. Fantastic is about the same size as her and since we don't really have many people around here that we know yet, he was an amazing sport about helping me with it.  Please do not think that he normally dresses like this!!

 And Lastly, I have a poster without words.  We were instructed not to use words when we ripped, not cut, paper pieces out of magazines to form into pictures to represent a specific place or event.  Can you tell what my event is?
 In other news, today I had an Astronomy test.  Wow!  I'm not sure we even learned about half of the things on the test.  It was really difficult.  I might have gotten a 70% if I am really lucky!  Apparently in the other class the grades ranged from 20%-105% That's crazy!  At least I get to drop my lowest score.  I always think that the first test is the hardest because you have to learn the teacher's patterns.  I will do better on the next ones!
I did well on my art history paper though.  She commented that it was well written with a sophisticated style!  I think that is good!  I got an A!
That put me in such a good mood that I came home from class and spent an hour cleaning the house.  This is not a common think for me to enjoy doing.  I have to work though tonight, so I had better sign out.  I hope that your weekends are wonderful.  If you are having the pleasant weather that we are having, please enjoy it for me as I have to work inside with ruthless customers!

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