Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Process Book: CURIOUS

This week I was intructed to be inspired by the word curious.  What makes me curious?  What is curious?  What am I curious about?  Here are some things that I came up with:

My own photo taken at The Curious Heart Emporium in Nashville

 Also this week I had an interesting assignment relating to Valentine's Day.  We were instructed to make a 3X3 inch valentine without using typography or literal pictures.  We were also told that we could not use anything cliche.  This was a really hard project for me.  Here is a look at my process though.  The first color image is the first card that I made in class.  It was far too literal I thought.  I started thinking about other things that I could do and kept coming up with literal and cliche things.  When I came up with balloons I got a brilliant idea - the balloons overlapped and reminded me of a Ven Diagram!  You remember those elementary school diagrams we used to make showing a this mixing with that and what they have in common.  My thought was that in a relationship, you have a little of one person and a little of another person and together they make up a couple!  To illustrate this, I used a little red and a little blue which together make purple.  So Happy Valentine's Day the Ven Diagram Way!!!!  WooHoo!

Have a lovely week of love.  I will be back tomorrow night with several postings so get ready!

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