Tuesday, December 20, 2011

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. Dream Gift List

Week 28!!!
Well, It is that time of year when we all make out those lists whether in our heads or on paper of the things we hope to find beneath the tree on Christmas morning.  When I was really young, I used to go through the sears catalogue and find all the super cool toys and write them down.  My lists were always pages long, but I never really expected to get much from the list.  I tended to get dolls from grandma, outside toys from dad, and other random things.  I was always super happy with what I did get though!  So this year, I already know what I got because it's sitting perched on the kitchen counter waiting for me to use it.  I got a beautiful kitchenaide mixer!  I love it.  Now I just need to use it.  However, what if money didn't matter, and all my wishes could come true?  What would I wish for?  
Dear Santa, 
 I have been really good this year.  I've been loving to my family and tried to always tell the truth.  I did my best not to hurt anyone's feelings, and tried to keep my room clean too!  I would really love it if you could bring me some really neat things for Christmas. Here is my list:
-A huge yard for my puppy to run in, and also I will need a doggy door for the house to garage and one for the garage to the outside yard.  She loves to run and play and I want for her to be happy.  When I have to work long hours, I feel really bad that she has to stay inside all day, so this would be really nice for her.
-A painter that can come to my house and finish all the painting on the walls that I want to do.  I have done a lot, but I feel so overwhelmed by the thought of doing more.  The house really needs to be finished though so that I have peace of mind.
-Pretty boots.  All the ones that I like are too narrow to fit around my legs, so maybe you could have your elves make some pretty ones that fit me.  I like just a little heel and pretty buckles.  I'd like them to have some shrug to them and be nice enough to wear over pants, but if I want to still be able to wear my pants over them s well.
-Beautiful sweaters.  I don't have very many warm clothes that are good for being out in the very cold weather of Utah.  I need them to be pretty so I can wear them in my off time, but I also need them to be practical so that I can wear them at work when I am out on the flight line working on aircraft.  They also need to be long enough to cover everything.  I'm not sure why shirts are always so short, but they never seem to cover my waistline. 
-A private plane.  I miss my family a lot, plus I have so many friends all over the country that I never get to see. Plane tickets are so expensive that I just can't be buying them all the time.  I have to work a lot too and don't really have much vacation time built up so it would be nice to be able to fly out of town just for a weekend to see them without spending a small fortune.  If I had a plane I could go whenever I had the chance.  I would also get to see lots of neat places.
-Laser Hair Removal.  I hate hair.  It bothers me so much, but at the same time I just don't have the time to shave my legs and arms everyday.  It would be awesome if I didn't have to worry about it!
Thank you Santa!  Have a safe trip around the world!

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