Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Party

At our new job, we sure know how to have fun!  Not only do we work together, but we all play together too!  When the Christmas party for work was announced, Mr. Fantastic decided that he wanted to wear his zuitsuit that he got while he was in Iraq.  His argument was that it was red for Christmas!  Haha.  So I started searching for an equally awesome dress to wear.  The party didn't really have a dress code so everyone wore what they wanted.  Some dressed up while others did not.  Our friend made awesome ugly Christmas  sweatshirts for her and her husband, the boss!  They were amazing.  They stole the show along with us.  Here, let me show you why:
yes, their reindeer are pooping!
Are you ready to see why we stole the show as well?  Get ready for this, because it is super awesome!  I really wish that I had gotten some better pictures of us, but oh, well!  I also wish I had gotten an awesome picture of my hair.  The hair took about 3 hours to do.  Yikes!
the full show

There was an awesome feast, a prize giveaway in which we won a giftcard to the Outback Steakhouse and a cool sweatshirt with our work log perfect for working in, a DJ for dancing, a full bar, and tons of laughs and fun times!  We loved it.  Waht a great way to start the month of Christmas off right!
The girls getting ready for a photo

Acting silly


she wore a pretty dress too

And we had pretty shoes!

Fun times
silly friends

Dancing man
Look intense!

Dancing fools

A grand time
Fancy hat

stylish and cute!

Letting my hair down

I totally swear that I was born in the wrong era.  I often wish that I could have been worn in the times when it was quite normal to dress up like this and have a big party with dancing and booze! 

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