Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas Eve!!!!

 I absolutely love Christmas!  It's one of my favorite holidays ever.  Growing up it used to be huge for us.  That's back when Christmas started the day after Thanksgiving not in August!  Christmas music played throughout our house all the time, and it was fantastic.  We had a special day devoted to Christmas cookie decorating and sledding.  On Christmas Eve we went to church as a whole family and then went to Grandmas for presents and food.  The night went on for hours.  The next morning we waited patiently in our rooms till our parents woke up and then we got to open more presents.  After presents we would call our cousins and talk about our cool new toys before getting all dressed up again and having our hair done to go to my step-mom's parents for even more Christmas.  After that we got to go see our mom for more presents again!  Life was great.  Christmas is still huge for me.  I love it more now than I ever did though now that I have realized that it is more about family than it is about presents.  It's hard though because Mr. Fantastic never knew Christmas like I did.  It's almost just another day for him.  Sometimes it makes me sad.  He doesn't get as excited as I do.  Decorating the tree and putting up the lights on the house isn't as special for him.  It's more of a pain for him.  I wish he knew Christmas as I do.  Each year I try to encourage it, and it's gotten better.  Maybe when we have kids he will finally understand.  So here are pictures of the beautiful tree I decorated by myself and pictures of the puppy in front of it because he thinks its strange to take them of us!

A little blury

So sweet

The fake presents because wee already have our presents
Have I mentioned that I love peacocks?

Like, a lot!

A new ornament I got this year for the tree
And an old one I have had

Love this pretty one
And because we need to remember the true meaning of Christmas

Jingle bells on the door to welcome our guests

And stockings too!
I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy happy New Year!  Bless each and everyone of you and your lovely families.  I hope your wishes come true!

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