Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm a Luger Baby!!!

I've always had a thing for adventure and doing crazy fun things.  I have a thing for doing activities that the average person may not ever want to do or get to do.  Yeah, I've done some fun things.  Not all are crazy, but most are still a grand time.  I've snowmobiled across water, climbed a high mountain, jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, crossed over to Mexico and came back illegally drunk, gone AWOL to drive across the country for a weekend, and I;m sure so many more things!  Most recently my need for adrenalin took me to the Utah Olympic Park in Park City Utah.  There I tried my hand at luge.  Yup, I layed down on my back on a small little metal sled and sped down a winding tunnel of ice built onto a mountain side at 51.3 miles per hour!  I'm a little nuts!  We got to do two short runs for practice and then two long runs.  It was intense and totally crazy, but I loved it a lot.  I was the fastest sledder on both of the long runs out of about 13 or 14 people.  To top that, I was the only person to go over 50 miles per hour!  Check me out!
Getting ready and being nervous

My friends came to watch

and cheer me on

A look down the mountain at the track
On your mark, get set....

Go fast!

Ready to go down a second time

And a third!
Just before I crashed

The score board

My favorite sled
Mr. Fantastic came to play photographer!

Ready for my last run from the high spot

There I go
I'm number 1!!!  I made it down the track super fast!
What do you like to do for fun?  Do you have any crazy sports that you enjoy?  I'd love to hear about them!

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