Tuesday, December 20, 2011

52 Weeks. 52 Lists. My (current) Favorite Things

Week 29!!!
I always have favorites and they always change!  What I love this week might not be the same thing that I love next week.  So this is a great list to remember exactly what I love right now.
-The color of Peacock
-The color Yellow
-My pretty little puppy
-Kisses from my Mr.
-Cappuccinos in the morning
-Spiral macaroni and cheese
-Dr. Pepper 10 calories
-My pink henley shirt from old navy
-My "silvers" jeans
-Fruit Ninja on Kinect
-Burger kings mushroom and swiss burger
-Spaghetti Factory
-My black pea-coat
-My earth shoes


1 comment:

  1. im seriously addicted to fruit ninja! its the best!!!


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