Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bleubird Vintage Wedding

I have a special folder in my bookmarks list specifically for all the blogs that I love to follow that are not on blogger.   Today I counted them and I have 76 blogs that I love!  Again, that is not counting the blogs I follow with blogger!  That is insane.  So how do I do it?  Well, usually about once a week or so I spend a couple hours clicking on each one.  I browse through to see the new content and read the posts that interest me.  Tonight I decided to start the browse process although I won't have time to get through them all.  I came across Bleubird Vintage which is an amazing one!  Mr. Aubry and Ms. James were married recently and posted a quick peek at their wedding.  So pretty!  I really really really want a video compilation like this done for our wedding!  Take a quick (it's only 44 seconds) look and you will completely understand why!

So, speaking of our wedding...
Alright, so Mr. Fantastic and I know we are getting married, we have talked about it, and we can't wait!  The thing is, we have been completely unable to spare any pennies for a while now and we are both kind of traditional in the fact that we want the whole diamond ring engagement and a really fun pretty wedding, so we have been in a holding pattern.  Yes, I talk of him as my fiance and even our bank and insurance companies know we are "engaged", but the truth of the matter is that the title just carries less stigma and more weight.  Talking about my boyfriend and I who own a home and car together and have a dog baby together doesn't quite get the understanding that we want in our area of Utah where marriage and living together is so sacred.  Now, when we say we are engaged, we get a completely different attitude from people.  So, yeah, we are engaged.  Has he actually asked me to marry him and produced the ring?  No!  Do we have every desire to spend the rest of our lives together and love nobody else?  Yes!  So, is he my fiance?  Yes?
So you know what I mean?  Are their any of you that agree or that disagree?  Let me know!
So we were visiting his family this past summer when his dad pulled him aside and told him that he had his grandmother's ring.  He asked Mr. Fantastic if he would like to have it and give it to me.  Of course he knew that I am in love with the sentimental and with vintage and antique so he immediately said yes.  Now we are kn=ind of just playing the waiting game for his dad to send it to us.  Sometime after that, the Mr is going to do the whole official thing, but I have a feeling that it is going to be when I least expect it!  Fun!  Awesome!  Exciting!!

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