Friday, December 23, 2011

And To Think That I Am Old!!!

So, it's true, I had another birthday!  I love birthdays, but sometimes they make me sad.  Instead of thinking about all the things I have done and the accomplishments I have made, I start to think about the things I have not done or falling short on goals.  This year was different though...I was very excited.  I can hardly believe that I am 27 now.  That seems so wrong.  27 is almost 30 and 30 is old!  It's not really, but looking back in the past when I was much younger, it did seem so old!
For my celebration, I left the planning up to mr. Fantastic which was a silly idea.  I wanted to go to dinner with friends and then to the piano bar.  the day before, I decided that I should probably call for reservations since a lot of us were going and he had not called yet.  The restaurant was booked and so was the piano bar!  What?!?  I was so sad.  It was time for a plan B.  My friend and I started brainstorming and decided it would be fun to eat at a different restaurant and then play rockband back at our house.  That's what we did!  The day of the party, the Mr. went out to get his car fixed so I asked if he could get me a cake.  How had he not thought of that yet either?  Such a guy!  He brought back 3 cakes because he couldn't decide which one I would like better.  We still have cake!  So, that evening I curled my hair and prettied my face and out we went to The Old Spaghetti Factory for an amazing dinner.  My friends decided that it was very important that the balloon bending guy make me a birthday crown.  He made me a giant candle that looked more like a penis and wrote happy birthday on it.  I was so embarrassed but I wore it all through dinner!

So silly!  After dinner we went back to the house and played games and enjoyed company.  It was lovely.  I love my friends!  For the actual day of my birthday we ordered pizza from the gourmet pizza place that I love and watched a mvie together all curled up on the couch.  It was so sweet.
He had already given me my birthday present the month before on my fake birthday November 17th.  It is my new love.  I've wanted a really nice DSLR for a while now and I finally have one.  She is beautiful and the pictures are incredible!  Check her out!
Yup, my beautiful new camera!
I'll show you some pictures I have taken with her real soon.  Have a great weekend!  It's almost Christmas, so enjoy your time with family!

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